A Life of Sketches - Sketchbook 8

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Sketchbook 8

Paul. Ballpoint pen on soggy, letter-sized bond paper, October 2002. It's amazing what a few beers, some drinking buddies, and a deck of cards made me do. It would be safe to say that I've already had, at this point (around 10 p.m.), more than a liter of strong beer in me when I started this sketch of my good friend Paul. We were at PAYAG NI BADONG's in Talamban, Cebu City, a popular eating place and hang-out for university people (USC is just close by) and the owner, Manong Marvin, had sent for some more beer but the kid who ran the errand got delayed. All of them played cards while we waited, except for me--I didn't know how. Bored and a little drunk, I did this. And I swear this really looks like him! Here's to you Paul!

Joules. Ballpoint pen on soggy, letter-sized bond paper, October 2002. A couple more foaming glasses of beer later, this guy came in--our friend Joules. Since all of them were still busy playing cards, I went on and sketched him too. By this time the effect of the beer was already obvious. Joules' eyes aren't that deep set, to tell you the truth. My hand just slipped and--ah, well, crap! It still looks like him! Good times, man, good times way back in 2002. Couldn't believe five years have gone by...
And oh, these sketches still hang from the wall of PAYAG NI BADONG's and are something of a legend among the new batch of college kids coming to eat at our favorite dive. Cheers!

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