A Life of Sketches - Sketchbook 3

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Sketchbook 3

Girl in the Sun. I took a picture of this girl for our Photography class in art school. She had been living across the street from us in the past couple of years but never got the chance to know her up until this photo shoot. She was an Engineering student. We were in Fine Arts. Clever way of meeting women--photography! In 2000, after the session at the Cebu Academy of Art, I made a chalk pastel portrait based on her photo during Halloween vacation. One thing though, in the original photo she was wearing shades! I kind of did her eyes partly from memory and from the faint outlines showing through the sunglasses.

Girl by the Window. This girl originally posed for my 'difficult lighting situation' project in Advanced Photography. Also didn't know her until then. God bless photography! I made a pastel version of her photo because the lighting was simply gorgeous.

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