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Sketchbook 1

Vinegar Fly Band Logo. Above is a pen and ink stylized portrait-cum-logo of my band VINEGAR FLY. It features portraits of all four of us, the way we looked around 1995-'96. We had just won the regional finals for the RJ Junior JAM Battle of the Bands a month before, as I inked this artwork with pride around January 1996. We broke up mutually around three months after this was done. A year after this, one of our dear friends in the band, Gogo Descuatan (lead guitar), fell into a coma. He eventually recovered from that but has since been bed-ridden for the last decade. He was still 21 when it happened. What a waste of youth...

Vinegar Fly Caricature. This is the last artwork I would ever do for the band. We looked like we were having a lot of fun. We were! This was done right after the first one above. Ten years after this we would lose our much-loved singer and friend, Christopher Abella to kidney disease. He left us last September 1, 2006. Please honor his memory by viewing his tribute videos at: www.youtube.com/rockNrollmobster.

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