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My Paintings 2

These are some of my work, one from as far back as 1985. I also included photos of them while still on the easel in my studio.

Indians. 12" x 18", Watercolor on Watercolor Paper, April 1985. One of few surviving watercolors from way back when I was still a kid. Probably I had just read a book about American Indians or it could be that I had just finished one of those Hardy Boys mystery stories set in an Indian reservation--I don't remember! But this was from one of the most creative summers of my life because at the time I was kept busy by taking up art lessons every Wednesday and Friday, and violin lessons on alternate days each week.

Perpetual Torment. 26" x 32", Oil on Canvas, July 1995. This photo was taken while this was still a work in progress. The glass-like objects are supposed to be hour glasses and the circular indentations on the walls are clock-faces. I intended this to be a vertigo-inducing composition with no visual reference to a horizon. I guess I got vertigo myself because somehow I got lost and ended up with something not quite what I planned. The secondary point was to show sexual tension between the couple--maybe I got that part right. Quite a jump from 1985 (indians and canoes), when obviously sexual tension was the farthest from my pre-teenage mind then!

After Eden. 26" x 32", Oil on Canvas, April 1995. This was the first painting that started off the series for the ETHEREAL EXISTENCE collection that I exhibited later that year. I tried to portray in these jumble of images the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, which resulted in the continuing struggle for existence by mankind, with the successive rise and fall of civilizations.

Mirage. 24" x 36", Oil on Canvas, August 1995. Frankly, I was creatively dry by this time. The exhibit was happening in two weeks and I had to reach a certain number of paintings for it. This image had been at the back of my mind for quite sometime but not for an oil painting. I intended the idea to be executed with an airbrushed water-based media. I was also fascinated by optical illusions and visually disorienting images and this is one of my attempts, successful or not I didn't care back then.

Divine Union on the Chopping Block. This was taken as I was finishing this particular artwork. I painted three in rotation at one time, with two on the deck while one was being done on the easel. I was so prolific while I prepared for my exhibit--probably from fear of not making the deadline for my exhibit the following month--that I finished three paintings simultaneously every few days, with the help of a liter of beer each afternoon. That was fun!

Perpetual Torment on the Easel. This photo was taken the same afternoon as the first one above. My friends and housemates would just start hanging out at that part of the house (I used a deserted balcony at my boarding house in Doņa Rita Village as a semi-outdoor studio) because they knew I would be buying beer at around three in the afternoon almost everyday and they always offered to go to the store for me. Art and alcohol don't always go well together but it worked fine for me. Those were really good times!

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