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Welcome to Ionone's Online Art Gallery!

Welcome to my gallery of sketches, paintings, and my work in 2D animation. Leaf through the pages of my sketchbooks on the left and have a nice time browsing. Thanks for visiting! - Ionone D. Bangcas

Check out the new Animation Page. Samples of my work in the animation industry and links to articles about my work in animation can be found here. March 14, 2015 update.
Check out these new video demos in watercolor! Time-lapse videos of my paintings coming to life on-camera. March 14, 2015 update.
Click here to view the latest drum covers from Ionone's Roomful of Drums. March 13, 2015 update.

Here's a link to The Fanas Pages. Come and browse through this new creative community. The administrator of this site was kind enough to add a page featuring my artwork. May 18, 2008 update.
The painting entitled My Family won 1st Place at Beautiful Art's November 2007 Art Competition. Click on My Paintings on the left to check it out.

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